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Spring 2016 Schedule

The pull-out lessons in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum orchestras were such a success that we are going to continue them in spring and onward. Experienced players and professionals will continue to take students for private and semi-private lessons once a month. Early Start Strings and Composers Club will have one half-hour private lesson included in their term.

Please remember that these orchestras are in their second term, and students have already progressed. If you are new to the orchestras, please call 720.432.6873 to schedule a meeting so we can place your student correctly. As always, no audition is required to get simply helps us make sure your student is in the proper group for his or her level of progress. 

We also have a new music therapy program! This new opportunity is for students with special needs, learning differences, and those who are on the autism spectrum (ASD). The therapists will work from your strengths to help you reach your goals. Sessions are through Advantage Music Therapy to address cognitive development and social skills goals whether a student has an IEP or not. CES and SLS waivers accepted. For more information, go to and see what a difference an Advantage can make!


5:00 Gold Orchestra
Must be able to play one-octave scales in D major, G major, and C major.  Sight-Read .5 to 1.0 level orchestra repertoire proficiently.

6:30 Platinum Orchestra
Must be able to play two-octave scales in D and G majors, B and E natural minors, and chromatics on all strings in first position.  Sight-read 1.5-2.0 level orchestra repertoire proficiently.  Emerging vibrato.   Confident fourth finger (violin and viola).  Mature students aged 10-18 who are willing to dedicate practice at least two hours outside of class time per week (average 20 minutes each day).

7:00 Silver Orchestra
Must be able to play 1-octave major scales starting on open strings. Read basic to .5 level music class repertoire.


4:00 Composers Club I 
Ages 5 to 7. Must know the string names and be able to play basic rhythms on open strings.

5:00 Bronze Beginners 7 and up. No experience necessary.


5:00 Early Start Strings
4-6 year old beginner violins, no experience. Should be able to focus for 15 minutes and take turns at games.

6:00-7:30 Metamorpheus 
High school age symphonic rock orchestra. Must be able to read in third position and play up to four sharps and four flats.


5:00 Composers Club II
Should be able to read tetrachords (half-scales) on all strings and understand quarter note and half note rhythms.

6:00 Composer’s Club III
Should be able to play dotted half notes, 3/4 time, repeats.


10:00-12:00 Willow Creek Adult Orchestra
Beginning to intermediate levels, will open up time as needed for those just starting out who want a class. All are welcome!

Location: Intermezzo Academy of Music - 1309 W. 121st Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234

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